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SKU: LJ008

Nail Cleanser

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O’NINE Nail Cleanser, Gel Cleanser, Nail Gel Cleanser, Gel Polish Cleanser

Easily clean the oil, dust or residue gel on nails with lint-free wipe, as well as clean the brushes and LED/UV light etc.

Quantity: 90 pcs/Carton

=6 pcs/box * 15 boxes
Box Spec.: 140 * 92 * 140 mm
Carton Spec.: 515 * 475 * 280 mm

G.W: 13 kgs±0.5 kg


Keep out of reach of children;

Please completely flush the eyes with clean water in case of eye contact;

Belong to inflammable/combustible goods, please keep away from heat, open flame and sparks.

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